The Idea Shapers: The power of putting your thinking into your own hands
Your visual thinking guide by Brandy Agerbeck

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To get a sense of the contents and style of the book, here are two sample chapters for your perusal. After introducing The Draw Quad, we go into the inherent properties of drawing that makes it an adaptable and rich thinking tool.

Click on the image to open the Properties + Power of Drawing sample chapter PDF.

After making the case for drawing, and focusing on drawing as a process, the book leads you through the 5 step process that Brandy Agerbeck introduces in her 2013 TEDxWindyCity talk "Shape Your Thinking." Every step contains four to seven "idea shapers," individual visual thinking concepts.

Each chapter begins with The Idea Shaper’s name and icon, then an overview of how that concept works, followed by guidance on the nuance of that visual thinking principle. Each chapter ends with at least one “At Work” story, demonstrating the concept. These are intended to be suggestive not prescriptive.

The first idea shaper is The Objective. Here it is for you to sample.

Click on the image to open The Objective sample chapter PDF.

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