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My Six Tenets
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I've got six tenets.
The Big Stuff I Believe In.

Here's how I visualized those six points. Please roll over the image to see text.

Beauty: Appreciating the beauty in the world. The beauty of simple things. Aesthetics. Order.
Clarity: Understanding. Learning. Teaching. Actively making things clearer, easier to understand.
Integrity: Being responsible for myself. Authenticity. Good citizenship. Keeping my word.
Minimizing my negative impact on the environment. Being green. Conscious Consumerism. Resourcefulness. Long term thinking. Maintaining energy and resources for long term success.
Amusement. Keeping perspective through humor. Not taking myself too seriously.
Wonder: The Unknown. Curiousity. Wanting to know more, but knowing there's so much I don't know.

Graphic facilitator Brandy Agerbeck creates conceptual maps of conversations. Since 1996, her drawing and thinking skills have facilitated groups of 2 to 1000 across industries. Brandy's images help people navigate the complex world around them and bring clarity to their work.

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