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Sari Gluckin's presentation, Climate Setters and Shifters
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I met Sari Gluckin in 2000, with the role of web designer of her company's site, Wishful Thinking. Over the past 8 years, we've became fantastic collaborators working together as facilitator and graphic facilitator. The kind of partnership where a look or a few words can communicate volumes due to our history together.

Two years ago, Sari and I worked together to present "An integrated approach: inspired problem solving through mind, body, people, place" at the Creative Problem Solving Institute. This year, she asked if I'd illustrate this year's solo effort. Absolutely. Her 2008 topic was "Climate Setters and Shifters: 10 ways to create a fertile climate for CPS (Creative Problem Solving)."

Sari loved my VizThink drawings, and asked for that style. Sure thing. I'm really pleased and proud of how joyful and energetic these drawings are and they're a lovely representation of my experience working with Sari. You are invited to download a copy -

Click here for the version that you can print and staple into a booklet, print pages 1, 3, 5, flip them over and print 2, 4, 6. Fold it in half, staple and you've got the booklet we originally designed.
Click here for the version that you can print in slide format, i.e. print it and the pages are in order, ready to read.

Graphic facilitator Brandy Agerbeck creates conceptual maps of conversations. Since 1996, her drawing and thinking skills have facilitated groups of 2 to 1000 across industries. Brandy's images help people navigate the complex world around them and bring clarity to their work.

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