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Margaret Wheatley's keynote at the International Association of Facilitators North American Conference 2010
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As a graphic facilitator, I've attended the IFVP conference for a decade. I finally attended my first facilitators conference. I picked fantastic sessions and it really fed my brain and heart. Now working through some ideas about the role of facilitators, my place in the field, how to lead in a way I want. IAF conferences smartly lean towards long workshops learn you can learn new processes, and away from keynotes. Focus on facilitation, not speaking. Works for me. They had a keynote speaker over the last day's lunch, Margaret Wheatley. I had mapped for her once before last fall. That event was an afternoon workshop based around her Fearless Questions. Here she knitted those questions with thoughts specifically for our facilitation community and introduced her new book, Perseverance.

Graphic facilitator Brandy Agerbeck creates conceptual maps of conversations. Since 1996, her drawing and thinking skills have facilitated groups of 2 to 1000 across industries. Brandy's images help people navigate the complex world around them and bring clarity to their work.

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